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Principal Investigator

Dr. Collingridge

Graham Collingridge

Dr. Collingridge, CBE, FRS, was recruited from Bristol in the U.K. to be the Senior Investigator at Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto. He is also the Director of the Tanz Centre for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases (CRND), University of Toronto.

As most neurological, cognitive, psychiatric illnesses involve impairments in neuronal signaling and neuronal plasticity, the research holds great promise in helping the millions of people who are afflicted with a variety of brain disorders.


Research Staff


John Georgiou

Staff Scientist

Francesca Fabry

Research Coordinator

Post-Doctoral Fellows



Postdoctoral Fellow

Rachael Ingram

Postdoctoral Fellow

Camilla Lundbye

Postdoctoral Fellow



Postdoctoral Fellow

Patrick Tidball

Postdoctoral Fellow




Aram Abbasian

Graduate Student



Graduate Student

Shinwon Kang

Graduate Student


Liam Taylor Ralph

Graduate Student


Rasa Volianskis

Graduate Student





Visiting Scientists



Lisa Bradley

Visiting Researcher


 Meng Tian

Research Assistant


Fuzi Jin

Research Technician

Ashish Kadia

Research Technician

LiJia Wang    Zhang

Research Technician

Parisa Tari

Research Technician

Junhui Wang

Research Technician


Lab Alumni

  • Alex Lee, graduate student, M.Sc., received 08/2023
  • Jinyeol Lee, graduate student, Ph.D. received 08/2023
  • Eric Salter, graduate student, Ph.D. received 08/2023
  • Gillian Petroff, graduate student, Ph.D. received 08/2023
  • Laura Koek, graduate student, Ph.D. received 04/2023
  • Aeen Ebrahim Amini, graduate student, Ph.D. received 10/2022
  • Camilla Lundbye, graduate student, Ph.D. received 10/2022
  • Dalya Cohen, graduate student, M.Sc. received 10/2018
  • Sammy Cai, co-supervised graduate student, M.Sc. received